Hello and Happy New Year everyone.

A few days ago one of my readers asked me how much longer the hiatus was going to take and I answered but later realized that I should make the answer a post. So here it is:

I appreciate the enthusiasm for Kain’s return and wish I could give you all what you want, but I can’t right now. The workload at my job has calmed down, however other problems have surfaced: a faulty radiator in the apartment above mine is causing a leak in my bedroom near my computer equipment (Kain is done completely digital).

I don’t live in the greatest building and every excuse in the book has come up as to why landlord and super have not fixed this radiator or my leaky ceiling. The living room is also my roommate’s room so setting up shop there is not possible.

So until this leak gets fixed or I find an alternative that keeps my electronics out of harm’s way the hiatus will continue. I thank you all for your patience and support.

Burrell Gill Jr