Character information will be updated as the story develops.

Kain Smith

AGE: 14

HEIGHT: 5’10”

Residence: Caldwell, New Babylon

Comes to Zandalee’s aid when she is attacked by a malevolent spirit on their first day of school. It turns out that he is an apprentice Demon Hunter from a line of Demon Hunters that stretch back to ancient times. Although his fighting skills seem excellent he still has a lot to learn.

Zandalee Joseph

AGE: 14


Residence: Caldwell, New Babylon

Recently moved to New Babylon. She was determined to have a normal life, but that idea was thrown out the window when she became the target of a malevolent spirit that resided in her new high school. She was rescued by fellow student and apprentice Demon Hunter, Kain. Upon meeting Kain she finds out she has the ability to see spirits and other supernatural creatures. It was also discovered by Kain and Liana that she possesses the ability to walk in and out of mystic barriers without harm or detection. With Kain’s help she has mastered the use of her perception abilities, she is now eager to learn how to use the other abilities to their fullest.

Liana Smith

AGE: Unknown


Residence: Fenton, New Babylon

Kain’s mother and his Demon Hunting mentor. She possesses a somewhat playful, yet stern, personality. Not much else is known about her.