Character information will be updated as the story develops.



Kain Smith

AGE: 14

HEIGHT: 5’10”

Residence: Caldwell, New Babylon

Comes to Zandalee’s aid when she is attacked by a malevolent spirit on their first day of school. He is an apprentice Demon Hunter from a line that stretches back to ancient times. He still has a lot to learn.



Zandalee Joseph

AGE: 14


Residence: Caldwell, New Babylon

Recently moved to New Babylon. She was determined to have a normal life, but that idea was thrown out the window when she became the target of a malevolent spirit that resided in her new high school. She was rescued by fellow student and apprentice Demon Hunter, Kain.



Liana Smith

AGE: Unknown


Residence: Fenton, New Babylon

Kain’s mother and his Demon Hunting mentor. She possesses a somewhat playful, yet stern, personality. Not much else is known about her.